Data sources is from Google search engine using the Google keyword tool.

The keyword research tool gives insights into how often certain words are searched and how those searches have changed over time. This data can help us understand simple questions about products, entities, topics, people and basically anything that is searched on the internet.

Why use data to make decisions?

Data avoids using gut feelings, hunches, Chinese whispers, little birds and other sources of information that is not quantitative.

What are the benefits of being popular?

The benefits of being popular are:

  • Being in the majority means it is a safe choice as others have made the same decision
  • A popular product will have more customer support
  • A product that is produced in the masses has a lower average cost to produce the goods
  • A popular brand can make people feel happy by being a part of the group
  • More research and development will go into a mass produced product
  • A popular game will have more players playing, building a community to share time and have fun with.
  • Better deals, a product that is through multiple channels has more competition between retailers