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Scrup samsung mobile is a leader in mobile entertainment - You will see alot of sites that try to mimick our content. We bring you the largest selection of mobile ringtones, samsung, panasonic ringtones, Nokia ringtones, LG ringtones, sony ericsson ringtones in keypress, true tone, mp3 and polyphonic formats for all which you can download direct from our WAP site to your mobile. If you have a data cable or a bluetooth adapter you can upload the ringtones to your mobile from your computer. Most new laptops come with bluetooth so this is the easiest way for you to update youre mobile content.

Mobile Pricing - are you in the market for a new mobile phone, scrup has pricing from the major retailers. Be sure to check out the daily pricing of popular models.

A Comprehensive list of electronic media... One of the best suppliers of content for mobiles, Scrup offers a list of over 20,000 ringtones, mega-tones, Real tones, top forty, hits (poly, Hi-fidelity, mono), logos (black & white, polyphonic, static and color logos, gifs), java games, SMS+ applications, vocals, gags and much much more.

It can only get better... Scrup is constantly updating with content that reflects all the latest trends and current events, (movie releases, national holidays, reality TV, models and celebrities, etc) and has a wide range of original custom creations. Customizable and current, we stay on the cutting-edge of mobile ringtones, wallpaper and Java games.

Free Samsung mobile wallpaper for your cellphone is the same as a image wallpaper for your computer desktop, only smaller. There are loads of wallpapers in all sorts of categories, so there is one for everyone and every phone. Why have the same empty display as everyone else? It's time for a new mobile wallpaper!

Make your mobile unique
Sick and tired of your standard samsung logo display? We have the best wallpapers and logos for you! With the wallpapers you can have static images or animated gifs that will attract anyone to your phone. We have superman, the simpsons, famous people like bob marley, we have nature shots, pretty much any logo you can think off we have.

Mobile Java Games for Wireless Devices
Created by Nextel Entertainment, our in house java game development team, the games in our catalog are high enjoyment content, regularly ranked as top quality by industry reviewers. We offer sporting games, racing games, turn based games, action and role playing games. Scrup provides selected games for free a trial. Be sure to check the games section regularly for the latest games.

The latest cingular ringtones on your mobile phone! Imagine a world without a new generation samsung mobile phone? It hasn't been that long since we had the motorola brick, but it feels like it that an was eternity. Now we have polyphonic ringtones for these older style mobile phones as well. With the ringtone everyone can have a unique sound to recognize the ringing of your mobile phone.

The coolest Rap and RNB music and songs of the biggest singers is available as a ringtune in a very short time after the release of the song. So now you can simply have your favorite song as a ringtone on your mobile and you will be able to recognize your kyocera mobile by your ringtone. Choose from Rihanna, Puff Daddy, Akon and more.

LG mobile content list includes :
- All type of ringtones ( Polyphonic, Realtones, Ring tunes, Mega tones, True tone, MP3, Music, Midi, Mono) ;
- Graphical Content : Wallpapers, Screensavers, Graphics, Logos,
- 3G, Mobile Video, 3GPP Video, 4G, Voip
- MMS Static and Dynamic messaging services,
- Mobile applications, Themes, Organiser, Calendar, GPS
- Many other cellular content downloads...
- .SIS format themes for Samsung's.



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