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Kaede Matsushima Images

Erika Heynatz Images

DOMINO Movie 2005

Dukes of Hazard

Rumble Roses

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Pokemon Image

Madagascar Movie

Kelly Monaco

Stacey Hayes

Batman Begins

Sin City Mobile Wallpaper

Solar System Mobile Wallpaper

Peta Wilson Mobile Wallpapers

Jill Valentine Wallpaper

Reon Kadena

Julie Bowen Mobile Wallpaper

Isla Fisher Mobile Wallpaper

The OC - TV Show

Famous Women - beautiful people

FHM Calendar - beautiful people

Counter Strike - online entertainment

Bec Cartwright - Home and Away

Big Brother Mobile Wallpaper

Chris Martin Mobile Wallpaper

Laura Prepon Mobile Wallpaper

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Mobile Wallpapers

Scrup Wallpaper offers many free wallpapers. We offer scenic pics that are natural and photoshopped to give you that unique and personal wallpaper for your mobile. To save the photo, right click on the image and save target as to your local computer. If you want more pictures just click on the image to bring up a new gallery. All images are free to use on your mobile. These images are copyrighted by media plazza so please do not host them on other sites.

Purple SunsetBart Simpson

Purple Sunset or a picture of Bart Simpson running

Ferrari Logofish

The Prancing horse logo of ferrari and a school of fish. If you love fish then expresh yourself with the many fish wallpapers available on scrup. Wallpaer for your mobile is absolutely free.

nemo fishamazon river

Download Nemo the Clown fish wallpaper to your mobile phone or the natural tropical forest of the Amazon.


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