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Scrup Mobile Ratings

Scrup Mobile Ratings

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How we rate smartphones

Scrup mobile rates smartphones using 6 core metrics that are found on all phones. The ratings is used as a guide to determine how it would be to use the smartphone from a technological performance standpoint. Our rankings are valid at time of review. Technology changes so our rating values will change over time.

Processor - This is the chip that determines the processing power. The better the processor the faster it is to perform tasks and run apps. Multicore processors help with multitasking.

Scrup Mobile rates the processor out of a maximum of 2 and only looks simply at the number of cores.

Single Core = .5 star
Dual Core = 1 stars
Quad Core = 1.5 stars
Hexa Core = 1.75 stars
Octa Core = 2 stars

Other things to consider is the clock speed and manufacturer of the CPU. Some designs are more efficient so use less power with equal performance to its competitors.

Resolution - Refers to the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. The higher the resolution the more detail can be seen. Higher resolution displays make images and graphics more crisp and sharper but require more processing power.

Scrup Mobile rates the processor out of a maximum of 2 and only looks simply at the number of megapixels the display outputs. Megapixels is calculated as height multiplied by the width.

Less .7 megapixel = .5 star
Less than 1.1 megapixel = 1 star
Less than 2.1 megapixel = 1.5 stars
More than 2.1 megapixel = 2 stars

When looking at resoultion you also need to consider the actual resolution is the actual display size. Smaller screens don't require as much resolution as a bigger screen. A FullHD screen on a 4inch display will be more crisp versus a 6 inch screen smartphone.

Memory - There are 2 types of memory on a phone. The first type is the RAM and refers to how much storage it can cache for applications. The more memory the more programs you can cache. This allows for quick switching between apps. If a phone uses up all the available memory then it will need to unload an application before it can start a new application. The second type of memory refers to storage and refers to how many files can be stored on the device. Most android phones have the option to add external storage.

Scrup Mobile only considers the RAM a smartphone has and not the actual storage space it has.

Less than 1 GB RAM = .5 star
Less than 1.5 GB RAM = 1 star
Less than 2.5 GB RAM = 1.5 star
More than 2.5 GB RAM = 2 star

On an android phone, RAM is very important as it is fixed to the phone and cannot be upgraded. External storage can be purchased in the form of Micro SD cards that can be purchased quite cheaply on Ebay.

Battery - The battery determines how long you can use the smartphone between recharges. Smartphones with larger screens and resolutions use more power than smaller screens with lower resolutions. Generally speaking the larger the phone the bigger the battery it can accommodate. Some manufacturers use higher quality and higher capacity batteries while others use cheapest battery they can get away with.

Scrup Mobile strictly looks at the capacity of the battery to determine its rating.

Less than 2000 mAh = .5 star
Less than 2500 mAh = 1 star
Less than 3000 mAh = 1.5 stars
More than 3000 mAh = 2 stars

On android phones you can always purchase additional batteries to carry as a backup or have a portable USB power supply.

Camera - The smartphone has replaced the compact camera, so a good camera is high on the list of must haves on these devices. Smartphones normally have 2 cameras. The front camera is for taking selfies and also for video conferencing. The back camera has a higher resolution sensor and can equal the image quality of compact cameras from the last 2 years.

Scrup Mobile looks at the total megapixels of the 2 camera sensors combined to come up with a rating.

Combined megapixel less than 5 = .5 star
Combined megapixel less than 10 = 1 star
Combined megapixel more than 10 = 1.5 star
Combined megapixel more than 15 = 2 star
Rotational Camera 180+ Degrees and more than 10 megapixels = 2 star

Megapixels is just one part of the image quality equation with many other aspects that should be taken into consideration if pictures is the main use of the smartphone. Other things to consider include the lens attached, the speed of the lens (aperture), the speed of autofocus and the flash power and reach.

Price - This is probably the most important metric that determines if someone will purchase the smartphone. Scrup mobile refers to the phone's outright purchase price without any subsidized mobile phone plans when determining the rating.

Cost more than $400 USD = .5 star
Cost more than $ 200 USD = 1 star
Cost less than $200 USD = 1.5 star
Cost less than $100 USD = 2 star

Smartphones will generally not get cheaper than around 60 USD. Technology is always improving so for the same amount of cash you can get a better specced phone in the future.

The scores of the 6 metrics will be combined to give a final percentage score for the smartphone. Technology and prices always change so the score is really only valid for the time of review.

Other things that could be considered are:

  • Aesthetics: that include color, materials, shape and form.
  • Water Resistance
  • Brand
  • Network Support
  • Display Type

These involve a more in depth review (that are provided on top tech sites already) and is really subject to personal preference.


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