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Mobile Polyphonic Ringtones

Change your mobile ringtone on a weekly basis, Ringtones are so easy to setup you can have a different ringtone for every contact person. There are so many tones to choose from. Download the lastest music hits or classic songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's. First choose a category then your favorite song and download away. Share ringtones with your friends you can have the same ringtone even if they have a different make or model of mobile. Best of all you can preview the song on your PC before uploading it to the phone.

The most popular ringtones are the ones that have a catchy tune. These can originate from movies, TV shows, songs and commercials. These like 24 and Mission impossible are popular as well as cartoons like Southpark and The Simpsons. The most popular ringtones at the moment are the top 40 hits on the billboard charts.

The most popular ringtones on based on January 2009 stats are as follows.

1. Crazy In Love - Beyonce

2. Shakira - Whenever Whenever

3. Kylie Minogue - On a night like this

4. 2pac - Ambitionz as a rida

5. Aerosmith - I dont wanna miss a thing

6. Ace of Base - All that she wants

7. Whats Love - Fat Joe

8. YMCA - Village People

9. Abba - Money Money

10. Beauty and the Beast - Celine Dion

To download these ringtones, please right click and save as to your hard drive locally.

For example the classic Flintones Cartoons has a tune that is suited to the polyphonic tones a mobile phone speaker emits. Ringtones that are in midi format with a low number of instruments seem to sound the loudest where as mp3 ringtones that have a wide range often distort the speaker it is trying to scream out of. The new phones however handle mp3s much better and are like portable mini ghetto blasters rather than mobiles. You can often hear today's youth blaring out songs from their mobile phone on the public transport system.

One of the most popular ringtones ever was Axel F featuring the crazy frog. This thing caught alot of people's attention at first, but became annoying as it was seen everywhere with its cheeky music video, commercials, banner advertising on websites and of course downloadable ringtone.

Ringtones on this site are Free.

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